June 23, 2016

4 Steps to Help You Market
Like a Rock Star!

Whether you know it or not you are not just in the business of selling, you are also in the business or marketing your products and services. So you can be more effective in your marketing efforts, learn more about the four key concepts below:
  • Realign time & priorities around marketing
  • Outline your Audience of One & the problem you solve
  • Create Magnetic Marketing Messages
  • Problem/Product Progression Plan to Build Clients for Life
What Benefit Amount Does Your Client REALLY Need?
Why & How to Pick the Right One

For most of you, you tend to see even benefit amounts (ex. $50,000, $100,000, etc.), but do you know if that amount is what your client really needs? That's where a fact finder interview comes in, or you can use the income protection grid below for a quick reference on what kind of coverage that should have.

Protect Clients from LTC Costs & Provide Whole Life Protection
At the Same Time

With a whole life foundation, OneAmerica's Asset-Care IV can provide your clients guaranteed long-term care(LTC) benefits, guaranteed premiums, cash value growth and a death benefit even if care is never needed. The product also can cover both spouses with a single policy. These are benefits that stand-alone LTC insurance policies simply do not match.

Impaired Risk Client?
We Can Help!
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