June 9, 2016
6 Reasons to Convert
That Term Life Insurance Policy

Although most advisors consider whole life insurance to be a better long-term planning option than term insurance, most clients prefer to purchase term policies. Much of the reason is because it is often sold at a lower price, or to satisfy an immediate need. 

However, only 2 percent of term life insurance policies actually pay out. This presents an opportunity for you as the advisor to convert the term coverage into a permanent policy. Here are six reasons why they should:
  1. They'll likely outlive their term insurance
  2. They are rethinking their estate
  3. They may simply prefer an upgrade
  4. They anticipate steep family costs
  5. They are restructuring their retirement income
  6. Their financial priorities are changing
7 Sales Tools to Grow
Your Insurance Practice

Many times, we have great ideas but its having the resources available to bring our plans to fruition. And then its finding the right resources, in order to make sure you are using the most current information and the most efficient tools. That's where we come in, TBA has provided the best sales tools in one place. Click below to check them out. 
OneAmerica Asset-Care IV Outshines Stand-Alone LTC Insurance
See How & Why

With a whole life foundation, Asset-Care IV can provide your clients guaranteed long-term care (LTC) benefits, guaranteed premiums, cash value growth and a death benefit even if care is never needed. The product also can cover both spouses with a single policy. These are benefits that stand-alone LTC insurance policies simply do not match.
16 Days Is All It Took - for a Fully Underwritten Case
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