June 2, 2016
DOL 101
It's Impact on Insurance-Only Agents

The DOL's new fiduciary rule is the most significant development that has happened in tax reform in awhile. 

This rule has some specific impacts and raises questions for Insurance agents:
  • Is it possible to comply with competing regulatory frameworks?
  • Best interests may not mean best product
  • BIC, PTE 84-24 and the carrier's dilemma with insurance-only distribution
4 Ways to Improve
Agency Marketing

Marketing can be an overwhelming part of business, but it is also one of the most important aspects. It is an instrumental part in attracting prospective clients, which is the lifeline of any agency. Here are 4 ways to improve your strategy:
  1. Leverage experience and expertise
  2. Base decisions on data
  3. Use targeted content
  4. Find your brand's voice
Banner Life
Automated Underwriting is Here!

Legal & General America's (Banner) complete end-to-end digital solution is here. Available through it's AppAssist tele-application program, APPcelerate is an automated underwriting system that can speed qualified applications through to approve with NO medial exams, labs or APSs. 
How to Create New Sales

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