May 18, 2016
7 Ways to Create Credibility with Prospects
And Establish Trust

Most people are hesitant to trust anyone in sales, which means you have to work twice as hard to not only earn their trust but the sale as well. Here are seven ways that will help you establish credibility with prospects:
  • Never let propsects' doubts taint you
  • Nothing is perfect
  • Create a collaborative climate
  • Focus on what matters to prospects
  • Signal your willingness to work with prospects
  • Be thoughtful, not just informed
  • Send the right message
TBA Webinar Today
on Income Replacement

Join us for a webinar today in partnership with North American on Income Replacement!

A primary goal of life insurance is to provide financial stability at the loss of an income earner or service provider.

Learn tips on what to look for and how to position life insurance for this basic but important need.
DI Tips for Success
Supplementing Group Disability Coverage

Many employers don't understand the income protection gap highly compensated employees face with group disability coverage.

Individual Disability Income (DI) from Principal is a flexible, affordable and easy-to-implement solution for the employee benefit carve-out market. Its multi-life solutions cover everything from 3+ employees to larger case sizes with employees in multiple locations.
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