May 5, 2016
Addressing '60 Minutes' Questions
From the segment on unclaimed property

The television show "60 Minutes" recently aired a segment on unclaimed property, and many agents are receiving questions from clients that are related to the show. 

OneAmerica has developed a resource to help you answer those questions, and to address concerns from clients.
DI Tips for Success 
in Building Awareness of Income Protection

Americans - individuals, business owners, employees, young professionals - are often unaware of how important income protection is in building financial stability. Bring up the need for income protection with clients. Offering these solutions can set you apart and provide you a foundation for other solutions.
Everybody loves a great story
Especially your prospects

There is one tactic that can be underutilized in the insurance sales realm: storytelling. This is a valuable tool, and can reap large benefits for agents when used properly. Good storytelling serves many purposes, all which are key to achieving success in sales:

1. Educating & Informing
2. Persuading
3. Motivating the listener
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