April 28, 2016
4 Reasons Why Your Clients Need IUL
What you don't know can hurt you

Clients may not realize that life insurance can be leveraged for tax diversification in a retirement plan, and they could suffer negative financial impacts for not knowing. Although many permanent policies can help diversify their retirement plan, innovation in IUL provides a variety of benefits with no tax penalties, typically. Here are four more reasons why your client needs an IUL:
  1. Clients money is at work for them
  2. Tax treatment of their retirement assets
  3. Consider an example
  4. Potential clients
DI Saves a Family Twice - Watch Now!
May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Better Term Rates with Principal
What You Need to Know

Principal has new term rates that went into effect on April 25, and not only has pricing improved, but it still includes convertibility features and can be used with accelerated underwriting for face amounts of $1M and under.
  • There are NO price increases with this reprice!
  • Our targeted focus is towards ages 35-55 and $1M or more face amounts
  • Applies to 10, 15, 20 and 30 year level term options
  • In addition to converting to any of our permanent products: SUL, GUL, Accum II, Flex II, ULPE, IUL and VUL
    • Can convert any time during level term period up to age 70
    • The owner can convert all or part of death benefit
    • Two term policies can be converted into a SUL policy (New policy face amount cannot be larger than 2x smaller term policy's face amount)
    • Full commission is paid on conversions
The Secret to a Strong Portfolio is...

When it comes to your clients financial portfolio, MetLife has you covered. 

The Premier Accumulator Universal Life can add versatility to their portfolio, along with the added value of a death benefit. 

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