April 21, 2016
10 Ways to Strike Up a Conversation with a Prospect
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Don't let your nerves prevent you from making a connection

Sometimes the toughest part of sales is breaking the ice with a potential client, without sounding like a recording. One of the key parts of a success conversation with a prospect is being genuine. We've outlined 10 of the best 'ice breakers' for striking up a conversation:
  1. Comment on the weather
  2. Say something nice
  3. Take notice of personal style
  4. Mention mutual acquaintances
  5. Find common ground
  6. Ask for an opinion or advice
  7. Comment on the setting
  8. Ask open-ended questions
  9. Ask hypothetical questions
  10. Simply introduce yourself
Asset-based LTC Webinar
And how to grow your business

This Friday, April 22, OneAmerica will be presenting a webinar where you can learn more about the market opportunities and Pension Protection Act tax advantages of the Annuity Care Portfolio. 

Build your asset-based LTC knowledge, get sales ideas and more. 
MetLife's Simpler Underwriting Process
An Opportunity to Save Time and Money

MetLife's new underwriting program offers the opportunity to save both time and money. MetLife Enhanced Rate Plus brings together the best of both worlds by offering qualified clients a streamlined underwriting program that can put them in their policy in days instead of weeks. It also can boost their rating class from standard and elite, which could result in lower premiums.
LifeTrack Presentation
Follow-up from the Webinar

If you were unable to attend the webinar last week with John Hancock, where the industry leading LifeTrack tool was discussed, not to worry, we have everything you need here:

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