April 7, 2016
10 Customer Service Tips
For Marketing and Sales

If you know anything about good business, you know the importance of excellent customer service and the impact in can have on your bottom line. Here are 10 tips on how to provide it:
  1. Remember why your business exists
  2. Be personal
  3. Find tools
  4. Listen
  5. Offer solutions
  6. Customize and personalize
  7. Don't wait
  8. Stay in touch
  9. Refine the choices
  10. Get a website
Five Sales Concepts
One Product

North American's Guarantee Builder IUL Indexed Life insurance is now better than before.
AG49 - Post Standards Update 
LifeTrends White Paper

Actuarial Guideline 49 (AG49) emerged on the Indexed Universal Life (IUL) scene in 2015. It provided the first uniform standards covering important aspects of illustrating IUL contracts. Certain requirements of AG49 have been effective since September 1, 2015. These requirements included: (1) the determination of maximum illustrated crediting rates for indexed accounts inside IUL contracts (using a concept known as the Benchmark Index Account), and (2) guidance for life insurers' illustration actuaries to certify that an IUL policy form meets standards that allows the policy to be illustrated in the first place. Several other AG49 standards became effective on March 1, 2016. These include requirements for illustrating participating policy loans and mandates for certain additional disclosures on IUL illustrations.
TBA Webinar - LifeTrack
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How do you know if an inforce life policy is performing as sold? 
You don't...until now! John Hancock's LifeTrack tool is an industry-first policy management solution to help clients stay on track to meet their financial goals.
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