March 3, 2016
8 Tips to Jumpstart Your Sales
From the Field of Psychology

Have you ever wanted the ability to know what your were customers were thinking? Most sales people do. If you're good at sales, it's generally because you have the ability to understand a client's frame of mind.

The field of psychology offers insights into why certain sales techniques are effective. We've highlighted 8 of them:
  1. First Impressions: Focus on emotions
  2. Cognitive Dissonance: Get clients on board early
  3. Follow the Crowd: "Here's what our other clients think..."
  4. Stories, Not Statistics: The power of anecdotes
  5. Scarcity: "For a limited time only"
  6. Building confidence by giving an out
  7. Reverse Psychology: Let them sell to themselves
  8. What's In It For Them: Make benefits stand out
Get Better Quotes
Use the TBA Client Data Form

TBA's Client Data Form is easy to use, and allows your client to provide the necessary information for accurate quotes, directly to us, without you having to ask them the personal questions. We provide you with quotes within 48 hours, so that you can discuss the best options with your client.

New Sales Concept for IUL
Why It's the Right Solution for a Client's Situation

Mutual of Omaha has provided a new sales concept marketing tool for you on how to help your clients build wealth outside of your business. The Income Advantage IUL can help business owners protect their families and build wealth outside of their businesses by diversifying their wealth. 
How to Close Business
While Your On Vacation

Imagine being able to close the the biggest insurance cases of your career while on vacation in Costa Rica. You wake up, earn $20,000 in commission closing a big case for lunch, and then hang out the rest day by the pool with your family.
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