Dedicated to the well-being and education of the children in our community.

Community Storehouse is making a difference in the lives of children who have just completed Kindergarten through Second Grade, and who have been identified by their teachers as being below their grade level in reading.

Here are 2 reasons why our Quest Program is so important. 


Reason #1: Clayton

Reason #2: Caden

We have 120 children registered for our 2015 Quest Program in July. These are children living at or below the poverty level who need our help to improve their reading skills.

Can you help us make sure they can all attend?

Whether you are able to donate personally, through your business, or through a Foundation please help us insure all 120 students can attend Quest and overcome their reading struggles!

These children deserve the opportunity to succeed in school regardless of the socio-economic factors they are experiencing!

You can help by donating here.