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Through community clean ups, trail work, invasive species removal, youth education and Leave No Trace training, more than 4,400 volunteers will participate during the two-year program...



Goblin Valley State Park Incident Underscores an Elevated Need for Leave No Trace Education

The recent vandalism in Goblin Valley State Park near Green River, Utah, underscores both the ongoing challenge facing lands enjoyed for recreation in the U.S., and the increasing need for outdoor enthusiasts to learn about and practice Leave No Trace

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This month, we are teaching Leave No Trace in 6 states across the country. Find out when Leave No Trace will be in your backyard this November/December!  

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Southern Raft Supply  

"Southern Raft Supply is dedicated to promoting the principles of Leave No Trace camping on the French Broad River. The reason we feel strongly about this is because we want have a positive experience...We don't want to come around a bend and see heaps of trash. We want to come around a bend and see Bald Eagles." Justyn Thompson, Southern Raft Supply.  
The Situation: Conscious Camping 

After backpacking all day, you finally reach the valley where you plan to camp. You have three options: 1) A well impacted site right next to the lake's edge and 200 feet from the trail. 2) In the pristine alpine meadow 200 feet from the water and the trail. 3) A well impacted site 15 feet from the trail and 200 feet from the water.
Email us to let us know which you would choose! Here's what our members and the Leave No Trace team had to say about the October situation.   
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- Cleaning up from dinner at the campfire and realize you forgot a strainer? Use a bandana instead! 
- If you're looking for great parks nearby with a smartphone, check out the Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder App.

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