Leave No Trace Activates Kids for Wilderness 50th Celebration 


"As more and more people began exploring Wilderness Areas, the impact of this increased visitation began to show. Thus, the need for minimum-impact education quickly emerged and the Leave No Trace movement and program were born," according to Dana Watts, Leave No Trace Executive Director...  

More than 6,500 non-native invasive species have been found in U.S. national parks. 70% of them are plants, which encroach on a staggering seven million acres of our national parklands. Invasive species can run amok in an ecosystem and send a park's native residents toward extinction. Leave No Trace training teaches people to minimize their role in the spread of invasive species. 

       Your Backyard  

This month, we are teaching Leave No Trace in 11 states. Find out when Leave No Trace will be in your backyard this October/November! 

Understanding the Why of Why
We Leave No Trace

If educators can convey to others why and how Leave No Trace practices are effective at minimizing recreation-related impacts, those people are more likely to practice Leave No Trace in the future." A recent article published in the Journal of Interpretation Research specifically explored factors...

       The Situation: Cold Camping  

You are planning a fall camping trip. Despite the warm temperatures during the day, you know it will get cold overnight. What are five things you can do to Plan Ahead and Prepare to ensure you stay warm as you sleep?  Email us to let us know.
Here's what our members and the Leave No Trace team had to say about the September situation. 

      Tech Tip: A More Pleasurable Pack Out      
Packing out your toilet paper? Try wrapping a ziplock bag with Duct Tape. This will minimize the aesthetic impact and make for a more pleasant pack out experience.  


Student Conservation Association and Leave No Trace: Building the Next Generation of Conservation Leaders

Leave No Trace Community Partner, The Student Conservation Association, tells us that a world without Leave No Trace leads to carelessness in the outdoors that spoil natural wonders for future generations. That's why they are partners and why the organization has developed some innovative programs infused with Leave No Trace.

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