Mythbusters: Leave No Trace  

Fact vs. Fiction 


We at the Center hear a lot of... let's call them, "wonky" claims regarding Leave No Trace. While they usually do no more than provide a good laugh, sometimes these myths find their way into the mainstream and steer folks onto a path not in line with the realities of Leave No Trace skills and ethics.

Male bears are responsible for 92% of predatory attacks in the US and Canada. "The common belief that surprising a mother bear with cubs is the most dangerous kind of black bear encounter is inaccurate. Instead, lone male black bears hunting people as a potential source of food are a greater cause of deadly maulings and related predatory attempts."   
Source: University of Calgary via CNN 

       Your Backyard  

This month, we are teaching Leave No Trace in 17 states. Find out when Leave No Trace will be in your backyard this September/October. 

Happy Hunting: 6 Leave No Trace Tips to Enhance Your Hunting Excursions  
As hunters across the country gear up for the season, other outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers, backpackers and anglers should also gear up to stay safe while in the woods...  

Conscious and Responsible: Why Leave No Trace is Good for All

 Selkirk Outdoor Leadership & Education (SOLE) made a conscious choice to offer Leave No Trace courses and even integrate the Leave No Trace curriculum into most programming that we design and facilitate. We have continued to be a Leave No Trace Partner since our inception because...



       The Situation: Crag Cleanliness 

Upon reaching the top of a classic climbing route, you notice a jumbled glob of slings. Some of the slings seem OK, but the majority of them are faded beyond recognition, UV damage, withering and frayed. What would you do? Email us to let us know.
Here's what our members and the Leave No Trace team had to say about the August situation. 

      Tech Tip: Last Minute Lantern   
For a lantern in the backcountry, simply remove the lid of your water bottle and set your headlamp facing down shining into the bottle. Voila! The light is diffused and you have yourself a nice ambiance for your gourmet backcountry meal.

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