MAY 2013


A Summer of Sequestration

What Leave No Trace Skills are crucial for you to know as parks and federal lands cut budgets and services.

As a result of federal government's March spending cuts known as sequestration, the National Park Service is required to trim $134 million from its national budget. As a result, plans have been made to hire fewer maintenance staff, fewer law enforcement rangers, and fewer interpretive rangers. Because some positions within the National Park Service remain to be unfilled, visitors in need of medical assistance or rescue could wait longer for help... 

Give Your First Aid Kit a Check-Up 
Most of the equipment used for outdoor pursuits last for many years, but it is always a smart move to give equipment a thorough inspection before putting it to use.

Some gear such as climbing equipment or paddling equipment should be regularly checked before heading to the crag or river...  
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The Situation
To Leave or Not to Leave What You Find
You are hiking through your local state park with your young nephew and niece. Your nephew and niece find an antler shed and want to bring it home. Do you let them bring it home or leave it at the park? Email us to let us know what you would do.
about the March situation. 

Firewood 411
The 4 Ds of Building a Fire in the Outdoors 

Dead - Only use dead wood

Down - Only use wood found on the ground. Don't cut wood off a tree, even dead branches 

Distant - If firewood gathering is allowed, go a far distance from your campsite so you don't deplete the wood resources near your site 

Dinky - Use small wood, no bigger than your wrist 


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