New Online Training Just for Kids Introduced

Drawing from our popular youth education program, PEAK (Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids), the Center has developed a new online training just for kids. PEAK Online provides interactive and entertaining elements to teach kids about Leave No Trace. The 20-30 minute training also includes a certificate to show off their new skills. Participate in PEAK Online or learn more about the Center's extensive youth education tools.
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In February and March, the Center is conducting training and participating in events around the country. Check out our calendar to find educational events in a city near you.

Learn more about specific events and initiatives and discover new Leave No Trace skills by following our blog!

Take It to the Trail: 
8 Tips for Trail Running

In the last 3 years, the number of trail runners has risen by 15.5%, accounting for over 5.6 million Americans running on trails across the country every year.  


Make sure you have the latest Leave No Trace information and skills by reading the Center's 8 tips to Trail Running!


The Situation!
Canyon Adventure
While half-way into a slot canyon on one of your many canyoneering trips in Utah's exquisite canyon country, it begins to rain. You check in your backpack and find two liters of water, two granola bars, and a midlayer.
What could you have done to better plan ahead and prepare for this adventure?

Email us to let us know what you would do in this situation.
Here's what our members AND staff had to say
about the December situation.

Prepare for Bears: 
Tech Tips for Camping in Bear Country

-Plan to arrive at camp early ensuring that you have time to hang your bear bag before dark.

- If using a bear canister, pack it full before your trip to make sure you have room for all your "smellables" such as toothpaste, food, sunscreen and soap.

The Educator's Toolkit is on Sale!
A collection of our most popular teaching resources! Buy them together and save 25% this month. Collection includes:
  • Activity Guide to Teaching Leave No Trace
  • 101 Ways to Teach Leave No Trace
  • North America Skills and Ethics booklet
  • Leave No Trace Pocket Guide
  • Leave No Trace Frontcountry Guide
  • Ethics Reference Card Library

To All Leave No Trace Members!
The Center thanks you and thousands of Leave No Trace members like you for your support. Watch for a series of Leave No Trace surveys throughout 2013, gaining your opinions and perceptions about how we can better support you and Leave No Trace in your community. Not a member yet?
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