My Backyard 

The Center conducted over 80 Backyard Sessions across the country this year, activating thousands of volunteers and increasing the number of people with Leave No Trace education.

Check out the Backyard Sessions in the Mountain Region this year.

Follow the Traveling Trainers and see what they are up to in the Mountain Region. From awareness workshops to backyard sessions and more, the Subaru Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers are working with partners and local organizations to bring Leave No Trace to your community!

Since 2003 the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics has taught over one million
youth how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly and to be stewards of the places they care about. There is still a very large percentage of America's youth that have not been reached with Leave No Trace information, so the Center is currently developing a web-based learning application for children, which will provide total access to the PEAK program. 

Tech Tip
Cold sleeper? Try bringing a Nalgene or water bottle filled with hot water to bed with you. Slip it into your sleeping bag and enjoy a toasty night's sleep outside! 
The Situation
While backpacking, an older solo hiker joins you. After dinner you notice he has a lot of trash left over, packaging and tin cans. He offers to bury your trash with his. When you ask him why he buries trash he explains he has been doing it for thirty years. How would you approach this "less than" Leave No Trace technique to deal with waste?

Email us and let us know what you would do. Responses will be published in next month's eNews. Here's what our staff had to say about the previous Situation.


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