February 2016
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Love the New Mobile App

MyView..from the desk of Susan Brady,
Marketing Manager,
WaveView Mobile is the new mobile app from Wavestore. Mobile apps have been around for some time, in fact, Wavestore already had one but it wasn't good enough; so Wavestore went back to the drawing board to make a better mobile app. 
Coming Soon! 
The Revolution in Intelligent Video Recording: 
* Intelligent Power Saving 
* Unlimited Scalability 
* Efficient Data Management 
* High Integrity Failover 
* Robust Encryption 
* Dynamic Mobile Clients for      
  Android and iOS  
What's Trending 
Packing on the Layers 
The Greatest Protection against Undesirable Elements is Redundant Security. Redundancy and layers of protection cannot be duplicated with analog security like they can with today's networked devices. 

Upcoming Events
April 6-8, 2016
Sands Expo
Las Vegas, NV

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February 17 - Ohio Event
WavestoreUSA Day
Hosted by WavestoreUSA, YESCO Electrical Supply and Charles & Associates

February 17, 2016

1142 N. Meridian Road
Youngstown, OH 44509

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Brooklyn's in the House
Systems integrators,Dexter McGrowder, Owner, Neighborhood Watch Surveillance (l.)
 and Kevin Morel, IT Technician, Infrastruct Inc.(r.) outside Brooklyn Supply at WavestoreUSA Counter Day on January 20, 2016, showing off the information they received about WavestoreUSA's full line of video storage and management systems.  
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