October 2015
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The True Value of Your Best Customers

MyView..from the desk of Susan Brady,
Marketing Manager,
Returning customers are the foundation on which profitable businesses are built. They are a feel good pill for what you do right. The age-old lesson on The Importance of Repeat Clients bears reminding. When you have an existing customer who is doing well, a strong working relationship goes a long
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The Revolution in Intelligent Video Recording: 
* Intelligent Power Saving 
* Unlimited Scalability 
* Efficient Data Management 
* High Integrity Failover 
* Robust Encryption 
* Dynamic Mobile Clients for      
  Android and iOS  
Topping the Headlines 
Successfully Protecting World Class Games 
An enterprise level video surveillance and management solution for South East Asia Games 2015.  

Upcoming Events
October 13, 2015
Holiday Inn Cleveland South
6001 Rockside Road
Independence, Ohio 44131

What's Trending?
 And so it begins... 
Milestone Cuts All Ties with OnSSI 

The end result of Milestone and OnSSI cutting ties, there is pressure on security dealer integrators who installed OnSSI Ocularis to make a choice. Do you go over to the Milestone camp and trade in your customers' licenses for a corresponding Milestone system or do you stay with OnSSI and basically, start over? A better idea is to turn to industry-leading WavestoreUSA and remain independent.
Last Chance to Register
WavestoreUSA Certified Training Roadshow Debuts on October 13th in Cleveland, Ohio 
Free Security Dealer/Integrator Certification on WavestoreUSA Video Storage and Management Systems 

WavestoreUSA announces the kickoff of the WavestoreUSA Certified Training Roadshow. Sponsored by WavestoreUSA and Charles & Associates Marketing, the WavestoreUSA Certified Training Roadshow is being held at the Holiday Inn Cleveland South from 8 AM to 11:30 AM on Tuesday, October 13, 2015.
New Product Release
WavestoreUSA Puts the Power of Video Storage and Management in the Palm of Your Hand
New Servers Offer Big Performance in an Ultra Compact and Economical Design for Entry into IP Video

The NS1 and the NS2 Video Storage and Management Servers are revolutionary new products geared specifically to the Commercial and Residential Security Dealer market. The highly reliable NS Series delivers quality video performance enhancements, along with security integration capabilities and optimizations for video analytics and management in a very low cost, extremely easy to use and ultra-compact digital video recording device.
The team at WavestoreUSA is available to help with all your customer, product and technical support needs. E-mail WavestoreUSA with any questions you may have.


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