Life Science Nation Newsletter  |  June 2, 2016  |  Issue 165

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Life Science Investor Mandates (May 26 - June 1)
Seeks Growth-Stage Medtech & Healthcare IT
Invests in Digital Pharma Technology & Personalized Medicine
Targets Healthcare IT & Services for the Elderly
Invests In Early Stage Therapeutics & Diagnostics for Chronic Diseases
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RESI Landing on MaRS

RESI @ TMCx Investors Panel

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN

Up to two hundred early stage life science investors will converge on MaRS Discovery District on June 23rd in Toronto. The Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference series continues to match up fundraising CEOs and scientist-entrepreneurs with global investors who are a fit for their sector and stage of development.

LSN created RESI to fill a hole in the early stage arena by connecting investors and startups at events held every 90 days throughout North America. RESI on MARS is shaping up to be a very compelling event.  RESI continues to receive great support from the global early stage life science investor community because investors find great technology assets and startups at RESI, as well as being able to network with other likeminded investors.

Family Offices

An investor representing a large family office who has been to last 5 of our conferences stated he had 16 partnering meetings at a recent RESI event...

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

Over the past through years, breakthroughs in personalized medicine and mobile technology, along with aging populations and the need to decrease healthcare costs, have fueled a trend toward greater patient involvement in healthcare. Many investors are looking for consumer health opportunities, and Toronto is home to a significant number of startups in the sector; these companies are developing new apps and products for patients that solve problems ranging from booking medical appointments to making positive health changes.

To explore the developing investment trends in this field, RESI on MaRS will present a panel of five speakers who are seeking consumer health opportunities. The moderator, Reda Jaber, Partner, IncWell Venture Capital, will be joined by:
  • Veronika Litinski, CEO, Konona Health
  • Stuart Browne, CEO, Pycap Venture Partners
  • Neil D'Cruz, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Dynacare
  • Lori Casselman, Assistant Vice President of Integrated Health Solutions, Sun Life Financial
By Nono Hu, Director of Marketing, LSN

Welcome to the second installment of the LSN Summer Chapter Series. This week we'll finish up the legal section ofThe Life Science Executive's Fundraising Manifesto by covering the rest of the necessary regulatory underpinnings for your fundraising campaign: how to market your offering and potentially tap the crowd for capital.

Chapter 2, "The Legal Landscape - Crowdfunding and IPOs," was contributed by Robert H. Cohen, Esq. This chapter provides a comprehensive look at the possibilities created for life science companies by the JOBS Act of 2012, including crowdfunding, publicizing a private offering under Regulation D, and new regulations for IPOs. Cohen takes the reader through the nuances of what is and is not permitted in terms of publicizing your offering, and also explains the different types of securities that might be offered...


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