Life Science Nation Newsletter  |  May 12, 2016  |  Issue 162

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RESI Landing on MaRS

RESI @ TMCx Investors Panel

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN

LSN Consulting has done a lot of branding and messaging for fundraising life science companies, and our mantra is "We echo to our clients what the investors tell us they want to see".

Investors have explained to LSN what they want to see in an executive summary (ES) and a PowerPoint (PPT): They want the message to be netted out, in both of these formats. The investor does not want to guess what you are taking about. Investors tend to be very busy people, but if you can pique their initial interest, you will have plenty of opportunity to provide more information as the dialogue unfolds...

By Cole Bunn, Senior Research Analyst, LSN

As we are preparing for our first ex-U.S. RESI event, on June 23rd in collaboration with Johnson and Johnson Innovation (JLABS) at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, we wanted to take the pulse of the early-stage investment community in Canada by taking a look at some data from the LSN investor platform.

One thing that distinguishes Canada's venture landscape from the U.S. and elsewhere is the high level of involvement from the Canadian government in the venture world. This is underscored by injections of capital into two separate fund of funds that will invest in several Canadian venture funds as well as venture funds in the U.S. which invest in Canadian companies...

By Shaoyu Chang, MD, MPH, Senior Research Manager, LSN

More and more healthcare institutions are opening their doors to innovation, eyeing on the opportunity to save costs, increase efficiency, and boost patient satisfaction. Partnership with large and reputable institutions can provide valuable, sometimes make-or-break, resources to startups such as patient data, pilot testing, clinician endorsement, and early validation.

However, unlike big vendors who easily know their way around large institutions, it is a daunting task for startup teams to navigate such massive healthcare institution as MD Anderson or Texas Children's Hospital. How to engage large institutions? How to align incentives? Is there is a right time to start a dialogue? In the most recent RESI conference at TMCx accelerator on April 11, innovation officers from four top-tier medical centers gathered to shed some light on these questions...


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