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By Dianne Carmichael, Guest Writer; Managing Director, Health Innovation & Venture Services, MaRS Discovery District

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Industry-academic collaborations are the engine that powers successful enterprises in health research and development today. Nowhere is this connection more powerful than in the city of Toronto, where academic leaders such as the University of Toronto are locating their investigative teams within the MaRS Discovery District, supporting consortium able to pool research and commercialize health innovations.

Investors attending the RESI on MaRS conference will get a chance to check out some of the cutting-edge science in Canada, and discover a northern health ecosystem that boasts a perfect match between intellectual property and world-class hospitals that offer clinical infrastructure and access to patients - factors that are critical for young companies building new products and testing business models...

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

With RESI on MaRS conference coming up in June, MaRS Discovery District (MaRS) and Life Science Nation (LSN) have made a 3-minute video to introduce Toronto's healthcare hub and the significance of RESI landing on MaRS.  We've spoken to innovation leaders, startup CEOs and investors about why Toronto is on the rise in the biomedical sector.  Watch the video to learn more about what's happening in Toronto, and how RESI on MaRS will bring new opportunities for both entrepreneurs and investors.

By  Nono Hu, Director of Marketing, LSN

With less than 60 days to go before launch, LSN is announcing the content agenda for RESI on MaRS. With three tracks of panel and workshop content, RESI will feature a wealth of speakers representing many different types of life science investors, including family offices, angels, venture philanthropy, major pharma and medical device corporations, and more.

It's the first RESI event outside the US, and we're looking forward to this opportunity to share all that Toronto's healthcare innovation hub has to offer with investors and innovators from beyond Canada's borders...


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