Life Science Nation Newsletter  |  April 7, 2016  |  Issue 157

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Life Science Investor Mandates (Mar. 31 - Apr. 6)
Looks Worldwide for Preclinical Therapeutics and Devices for Large Markets
Seeks IT-Enabled Healthcare Devices & Services
Seeks Biotech, Medtech & Diagnostics in USA and China
Seeks Oncology, Neurology and Cardiovascular Therapeutic Investments Worldwide
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RESI San Francisco 2016 Investors Panel

Video Recap of [email protected] 2015

By Nono Hu, Director of Marketing, LSN

With 4 days to go, [email protected] is getting ready to roll. We're looking forward to being back in Houston and filling Texas Medical Center's TMCx accelerator space with meetings, panels and new health technology ideas. With over 120 investors ready to meet with early stage companies, RESI attendees have already booked over 500 meetings. If you're ready to plan out your day at RESI, check out the [email protected] Program Guide below.

By Christine A. Wu, Research Analyst, LSN

Large pharma companies are increasingly looking to early stage companies to fill their future pipelines. These firms have a variety of means of engaging with early stage companies, including in-licensing, collaborations, equity investments, and M&A. At [email protected], four senior external sourcing staff from the pharma world will explain what their firms are looking for, how they work with early stage companies, and how an emerging biotech company can position themselves to make a big pharma deal.

Moderated by Bill Kohlbrenner, CSO, Life Science Nation, the panelists are:
  • Marc Schwabish, US Head, Pharma Business Development & Licensing, Bayer
  • Barbara Araneo, Innovation Sourcing Director, Novo Nordisk
  • Joseph Simeone, Director, Business Development & Licensing, Merck
  • Mark Day, Executive Director, Head of External Research & Scouting, Alexion
By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

Houston is on a roll in life science technology. In 2015, the TMCx Accelerator ran its debut class of new healthcare companies; 2016 has already seen the arrival of [email protected], and AT&T Foundry will open in Houston soon. These facilities will collectively support dozens of new healthcare inventions, fostering a diverse ecosystem of early stage life science companies in Houston. This RESI panel, The Future Is Now, will cover these new developments and explain why Houston's moment for has come.

Moderated by Nicole Fisher, Founder & CEO, HHR Strategies, the panel will feature:
  • Judi Manis, RVP - Business Development and Strategic Relations, Internet of Things - Healthcare, AT&T Foundry
  • Erik Halvorsen, Director, TMC Innovation Institute
  • Lesley Stolz, Senior Director of Transactions, Johnson & Johnson Innovation JLABS

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