Life Science Nation Newsletter  |  February 25, 2016  |  Issue 151

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Life Science Investor Mandates (Feb. 18 - Feb. 24)
Invests In Age-Related Diseases
Invests In Cardio, Diabetes, CNS and Respiratory Drugs
Vehicle In Pediatric and Neonatal Health
Seeks Diagnostics, Devices and Research Tools with Proof of Concept Data
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RESI San Francisco 2016 Investors Panel

Video Recap of RESI@TMCx 2015

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN

The challenge with life science partnering and investor conferences is that it is extremely difficult to recruit investors and partners. At LSN, we often say that we are "in the middle of the middle of the middle". We have 8 researchers who have been in dialogue with the global early stage investor community for 4 years as a result of curating the LSN Investor Platform. Additionally, LSN has 8 business development staff who have been driving relationships with scientist entrepreneurs, Pharma players and service providers. These two outreach teams have created a loosely affiliated global network of the key buyers and sellers. LSN founded the Redefining Early Stage Investments conference (RESI) because we believed we could bring a greater quantity of early stage investors than we'd seen at other events. At many events...

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

Here's a situation we've seen many times. An LSN client finds that they're a very close fit for an investor's mandate, and reaches out to that investor to start a dialogue. The investor responds, and over a couple of meetings or phone calls a relationship starts to develop. However, in spite of the mutual interest from both the startup and the investor, the timing isn't right. Perhaps your company is too early to fit the investor's criteria, or the investor is currently focused on exiting one of their existing portfolio companies...


By Cole Bunn, Research Analyst, LSN

Life science angel investors have long been a fundamental piece of a fundraising campaign, typically providing strategic guidance and capital to entrepreneurs who are right out of the gate. Relaxed crowdfunding provisions and big pharma's increased involvement in early-stage companies, among other developments, has created new opportunities for angels to find, fund and exit biotech companies. This crucial investor class speaks to the types of deals they like to do, what it's like to work with an angel investor and how they see the biotech and investment landscapes evolving...