Life Science Nation Newsletter  |  December 24, 2015  |  Issue 143

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Happy Holidays from Life Science Nation 
By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN

As we head home to our families today, Life Science Nation would like to wish you all a very happy holiday. We're looking forward to a new year full of further growth in the life science sector, and new connections and dialogues between all sides of the health technology marketplace. Next Phase will return next week with more insights into the year's fundraising trends; until then, keep warm, and have good cheer.

RESI Panel Announcement: Early Stage Therapeutics
By Nicholas Civitarese, Research Analyst, LSN

Early stage therapeutics companies have a long road ahead to reach the marketplace, and will require significant investment along their way. The search for development capital is therefore a constant challenge for therapeutics startups.

Life Science Nation is pleased to announce a panel of 5 people with extensive experience in early stage therapeutics for RESI San Francisco on January 12th. Moderated by Dennis Purcell, Founder and Senior Advisor at Aisling Capital, the panel will feature:
  • Brent, Ahrens, General Partner, Canaan Partners
  • Chris Haskell, Head, US Science Hub, Bayer Pharmaceuticals
  • Neil Littman, Business Development Officer, California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
  • Shelley Chu, Partner, Abingworth