Life Science Nation Newsletter  |  October 22, 2015  |  Issue 134

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To Raise Capital, Go Outbound Without
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Cancer Vaccines: Promise In The Pipeline
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Healthcare IT Investors Reveal the Fundamentals to A Good Meeting
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RESI Boston 2015 Investors Panel

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To Raise Capital, Go Outbound Without Assumptions
By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN   

In my opinion, you need to initially canvass investors that can fit into your indication or service and stage of development. LSN business development staff see over and over again entrepreneurs with beliefs about fundraising that really hinder their chances for success. Entrepreneurs are building walls that do not need to exist - "I can do my fundraise regionally; I only want to talk to family offices; I don't need a 3-5 year plan because I will exit long before that; I know all the usual suspects so I will just go after them." Every time you put down an assumption that is not true and then build a universe around that assumption, you waste valuable time going in the wrong direction.

I steadfastly believe that one has to be completely open and nonjudgmental when raising capital. Make no assumptions other than "let's go find a global list of investors that are a general reasonable fit". Seriously, take a broad brush approach and find and aggregate as many reasonable fits as possible, and then canvass them with compelling emails and succinct phone calls over the course of a few months...

Healthcare IT Investors Reveal the Fundamentals to A Good Meeting
By Christine A. Wu, Research Analyst, LSN

What kinds of companies are healthcare IT investors looking for, and what is the first question they ask in a meeting? Healthcare IT investors answered these questions and offered unique insights and valuable advice at LSN's RESI Boston conference in September.

Moderated by Barbara Gamez Sims, Technology Licensing Manager, Mayo Clinic Ventures, our panelists include:
  • Aaron Nelson, General Partner, dRx Capital
  • Gabe Ling, Venture Partner, General Catalyst
  • Hyuk-Jeen Suh, Head of East Coast Office, Samsung Ventures
  • Michael Jin, Managing Partner, TEEC Angel Fund

Cancer Vaccines: Promise In The Pipeline
By Lucy Parkinson, Senior Research Manager, LSN

Cancer immunotherapy technologies frequently star in biotech news headlines. Scientists have pursued many approaches intended to enlist the immune system to fight tumors, including CAR-T therapies and checkpoint inhibitors. Cancer vaccine technology is one of the technologies under this broader immuno-oncologic umbrella. This approach entails using one or more immunogenic antigens to teach the immune system to attack tumors.

As a recent article in Xconomy highlighted, there are no approved products that use this approach to fighting cancer. However, using the LSN Company Platform we can identify many companies worldwide that are developing the cancer vaccines that could come into clinical use in the future...


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