Life Science Nation Newsletter  |  August 6, 2015  |  Issue 123

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Using CRM to Build A Data-Driven, Transparent Fundraising Campaign



RESI Boston 2015 Big Pharma Panel Announcement


LSN Summer Reading Series Chapter 11: "Email Campaigns"


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Using CRM to Build A Data-Driven, Transparent Fundraising Campaign

By Lucy Parkinson, Senior Research Manager, LSN    


How is your financing campaign organized? Whether you're deploying an in-house BD team to raise your round, or working with an investment bank or third-party marketer, the staff who execute your campaign need to have an efficient and reliable means of organizing the campaign and storing all the relevant data points that result from their actions. At LSN, we believe that using a cloud-based contact relationship management (CRM) system to organize your campaign is essential.


In this article, we'll explore why we use CRM as the backbone of our campaign cloud infrastructure, and we'll provide tips on how CRM can be used to improve the process and the results of your outreach. There are many CRM systems available at a low cost (typically $5-20 per user per month); LSN uses, which will therefore be used as an example in this article. (While we recommend to LSN clients, LSN has no affiliation with Salesforce)... 




RESI Boston 2015 Big Pharma Panel Announcement
By Alejandro Zamorano, VP of Business Development, LSN

As RESI returns to Boston, so does one of the event's most popular panels. The Big Pharma Panel features five high-level external innovation executives from top tier pharma companies, who will discuss their key motivators and strategies in depth. What indication areas are the most sought after? What can be expected in the due diligence process? How does an early stage entrepreneur interface with business development executives from pharmaceutical companies? LSN's Big Pharma RESI Panelists will shed light on these questions and more.


Moderated by Steve Yoder, Global Head, Specialty Pharmaceuticals Search and Evaluation, Bristol Myers Squibb this panel will feature:

  • Michael Draper, Senior Director External Science & Partnering - East Coast, Sanofi
  • Tomas Landh, Vice President, Senior Principal Scientist Innovation Sourcing, Novo Nordisk
  • Kuldeep Neote, Senior Director, New Ventures/Scout, Johnson & Johnson Innovation
  • Kiran Reddy, Senior Director, Corporate Strategy, Biogen
Hear from big pharma executives as they explain how they engage with early stage startups, and how they like to be contacted. The speakers will help the audience understand their timeline for contact, and give advice on how to create a dialogue that leads to a relationship and an eventual alliance. If you need to understand the time frame and limitations of how big pharma corporate works, this expert session is crucial for you to attend... 



LSN Summer Reading Series Chapter 11: "Email Campaigns"
By Michael Quigley, Director of Research, LSN

This week, the LSN Summer Reading Series covers one of the most powerful tools in your fundraising arsenal: the outreach email.


From basics like mail merging and segmenting your list to sophisticated tools such as delivery scheduling and analytical tracking, this chapter covers how to use email to introduce your company to an audience of potential investors. This chapter also explains the importance of targeting the right contacts when you send an email and of including clickable links in order to uncover which recipients are engaging with your message...


Click here to download/print the chapter PDF