Life Science Nation Newsletter  |  July 16, 2015  |  Issue 120

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Life Science Investor Mandates (July 9 - July 15)

Seeking Early Stage Life Science Companies Throughout Midwestern US

Seeking Clinical Stage Therapeutics in a Number of Indication Areas

Seeking Healthcare IT Investments in US and China
Seeking Early Stage Investments in Health IT, mHealth, Diagnostics and Select Medical Devices
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RESI Innovation Challenge Now Accepting Applications



RESI@TMCX: Hear From Large Pharma Sourcing Execs First Hand 


LSN Summer Reading Series Chapter 8: "Leveraging a Cloud Infrastructure to Manage an Outbound Campaign"



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RESI Innovation Challenge Now Accepting Applications
By Shaoyu Chang, MD, MPH,  Senior Research Analyst, LSN

The Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference is back in Boston on September 16, and we are looking for innovative life science companies to participate in the RESI Innovation Challenge. If you are a scientist-entrepreneur or fundraising CEO actively looking for raising capital, the RESI Innovation Challenge is for you.


Out of hundreds of applicants, Life Science Nation's internal scientific review board will choose the top 30 companies to present their technologies in an exhibition-style format throughout the full-day conference. Presenters will gain additional exposure to investors and potential partners by showcasing their companies and products in a poster board format. Unlike traditional 5- to 15-minute pitch presentations that do not allow any real one-on-one interaction and provide no actionable feedback from investors, the RESI Innovation Challenge enables executives to pitch directly to attendees, which can generate more in-depth and frequent conversations with investors throughout the event...



RESI@TMCx: Hear From Large Pharma Sourcing Execs First Hand 
By Michael Quigley, Director of Research, LSN

The Large Pharma Panel at RESI is always one of the most popular and RESI@TMCx was no exception. This panel featuring representatives from Johnson and Johnson, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bristol Myers Squibb, Takeda Ventures, and Sanofi discusses the specific areas where these groups are looking to make allocations and how companies should go about getting on their radar. Other topics addressed include why big pharma is looking early stage and how big pharma looks to partner with big medtech and foundations/venture philanthropy groups to move science forward.


To hear firsthand big pharma's opinion on these topics, watch this RESI video recap.




RESI@TMCx Big Pharma Panel
LSN Summer Reading Series Chapter 8: "Leveraging a Cloud Infrastructure to Manage an Outbound Campaign"

By Lucy Parkinson, Senior Research Manager, LSN    


For those that have been following the summer series thus far, you now have a firm hold on the legal landscape for fundraising as well as the importance of and what constitutes a strong set of marketing materials. In order to organize your outreach and keep track of whom you are sending those materials to, we have found that the proper utilization of cloud infrastructure is the best method to maximize your campaign's efficiency.


Chapter 8 of The Life Science Executive's Fundraising Manifesto, "Leveraging a Cloud Infrastructure to Manage an Outbound Campaign," provides a framework for and describes the key functionality that makes some of today's cloud infrastructure so valuable in any type of outbound campaign. From task management to content delivery and large-scale email campaigns with metrics and tracking, this chapter provides an in-depth look at the value these cloud based products can provide...


Click here to download/print the PDF.