Life Science Nation Newsletter  |  June 11, 2015  |  Issue 115

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Life Science Investor Mandates (June 4 - June 10)

Seeking Early Stage Medical Devices

Seeking Healthcare IT and Tech Enabled Devices 

Seeking Novel Therapeutics, Diagnostics, and Service Providers of All Stages
Seeking Commercial Stage Healthcare IT Opportunities
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Winners Announced From Latest RESI Innovation Challenge

LSN Summer Reading Series Issue #3


Robust Microbiome Therapeutic Pipeline Attacking Infectious Diseases


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RESI 4 Recap Video, San Francisco, 2015
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Winners Announced From Latest RESI Innovation Challenge

By Nono Hu, Senior Manager, Branding & Messaging, LSN  


This Monday, RESI came to TMCx, the Texas Medical Center's 100,000-square-foot accelerator space. RESI @ TMCx featured approximately 150 investors, 250 biotech, medtech and healthcare IT entrepreneurs, and 60 service providers.


In the exhibit hall, 34 of the most innovative early stage life science companies at the event were chosen to participate in a virtual investment contest - The RESI Innovation Challenge, showcasing cutting-edge life science technologies in poster displays and competing to raise the most RESI Cash. Without further ado here are the top 3 contestants!


Alejandro Zamorano, Director of Business Development, LSN 
Niko Skievaski, Co-founder, Redox | James Lloyd, Co-founder & CTO, Redox 
Michael Quigley, Director of Research, LSN


First Prize Winner: Redox




As a first prize winner, Redox will receive complimentary subscription to the LSN Investor Platform.


Second Prize Winner: NeuroFx

As a second prize winner, NeuroFx will receive two complimentary RESI tickets.


Third Prize Winner: TeVido BioDevices


As a third prize winner, TeVido will receive one complimentary RESI ticket...


LSN Summer Reading Series Issue #3 
By Scott Parks, Director of Marketing, LSN

With the third installment of the summer reading series we take a look at the important decision of whether or not one should use a fundraising partner to help them in securing capital. Chapter 3 of The Life Science Executive's Fundraising Manifesto, "Going It Alone or Choosing a Fundraising Partner," tackles this question head-on, describing what companies would be a suitable fit for fundraising partners, providing a breakdown of the different types in the marketplace today, and advising readers on how to go about vetting a potential partner.


Click here to download/print the PDF.


We hope you enjoy this chapter. Next week, join us for "Chapter 4: Categories of Life Science Investors." 



Robust Microbiome Therapeutic Pipeline Attacking Infectious Diseases 

By Shaoyu Chang, MD, MPH,  Senior Research Analyst, LSN 


Our body is home to millions of microorganisms that form a symbiotic, ecological community, known as microbiome. With the development in genomics and microbiology, the crosstalk between microbes and the body has been gradually deciphered. Potential new treatments have emerged, with some coming close to fruition. This week we have decide to take a dive into the Life Science Nation (LSN) Company Platform to get a snapshot of the current landscape in this field.


While microbiome research is still in its infancy, through the LSN Company Platform we were able to find 40 companies currently working on new technologies in the microbiome field. As shown in Figure 1, the United States is the leading country in terms of number of microbiome-related companies, while Western European countries including France, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Netherlands also have significant activity...