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How Do Investors Assess a Management Team?


Why Chinese Investors Are Interested in U.S. Life Science Companies

RESI @ TMCx Innovation Challenge Announcement



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How Do Investors Assess a Management Team? 

By Lucy Parkinson, Senior Research Manager, LSN 


LSN Research often hears from investors that when choosing a company to invest in, a sound management team is just as important a factor as the quality of that company's technology. Developing an innovative biotech or medtech product is a lengthy process fraught with risks, and it takes a strong management team to successfully guide a scientific discovery through all the challenging steps. So what are the qualities of the ideal management team, and how will investors judge whether yours has what it takes? Investors have reported the following important attributes.


- A Balance of Expertise


It goes without saying that investors feel most confident working with people who are experts in their fields of technology. However, many investors have told us that they look for management teams with a balance of skills, both in science and in business. While deep expertise in a company's area of technology is valued, some investors are apprehensive about working with a scientist who has a solely academic background and lacks familiarity with the mechanics of turning IP into a commercial business. For example, an inexperienced manager might not be able to position the company to meet the needs of commercial partners, even if the company's scientific program is carried out highly effectively...

Why Chinese Investors Are Interested in U.S. Life Science Companies
By Mimi Liu, Research Analyst, LSN

As China's economy has grown over the past 10 years, Chinese investors have begun to allocate their capital to companies overseas, including those in the U.S. life science industry. Figure 1 shows that the annual value of Chinese direct investments in the U.S. biotech industry has increased most rapidly in the past two years.


Of the Greater China-based life science investors interviewed by LSN Research, a staggering 75% are interested in opportunities based in the U.S... 



RESI @ TMCx Innovation Challenge Announcement

By Natasha Eldridge, Marketing Manager, Life Science Nation 


The RESI Innovation Challenge is taking place in a new home in Houston Texas on June 8th at TMCx and will feature 30 handpicked early stage biotech, medtech, diagnostic and healthcare IT innovators from around the country. These entrepreneurs have been selected by LSN's scientific validation team to receive a presentation space in the exhibit hall for the full day of the conference to showcase their opportunity to investors and fellow entrepreneurs. LSN has found repeatedly that companies presenting in this venue interact with more investors-and with more meaningful dialogues-throughout the course of the day than would be possible in a traditional 15-minute pitch contest.


To add some friendly competition to the mix, the RESI Innovation Challenge invites all attendees to participate in a virtual investment contest. At the start of the day, each attendee will receive "RESI Cash" to allocate to the entrepreneurs whose technologies they expect will be most influential. The capital that was invested will be tallied up and the top three winners will be featured in our RESI newsletter recap that will go out to LSN's 20,000 newsletter readership...