Life Science Nation Newsletter  |  April 23, 2015  |  Issue 108

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Things to Consider in Building Big Pharma Partnerships

Five Channels for Finding Family Offices

RESI @ TMCx "Medtech Family Offices" Panel Announcement

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Things to Consider in Building Big Pharma Partnerships 
By Shaoyu Chang, MD, MPH,  Senior Research Analyst, LSN

As the pharmaceutical industry is cutting back on R&D, more and more big corporations in the field are searching externally for innovative technologies to replenish their pipelines. For biotech start-ups, partnership with these big players not only offers a source of funding, but also helps them tap into a broader knowledge base of therapeutic sector expertise, drug development, regulatory submission, and commercialization.


Experienced, serial biotech entrepreneurs are well-versed in leveraging big pharma to create value for their ventures; however, many first-time entrepreneurs do not understand how to position themselves and communicate effectively with this segment, therefore they miss out on the opportunity to cultivate big pharma relationships. We have seen three common misconceptions about interacting with big pharma that I aim to highlight and disprove...


Five Channels for Finding Family Offices
By Michael Quigley, Director of Research, LSN

As family offices have been increasing their exposure to direct private investments, the ability to contact these groups is benefitting fundraising entrepreneurs in a number of industries, including the life sciences. LSN's research team has been building and maintaining dialogues with these groups for nearly three years and in doing so we have identified five strong channels for finding family offices.

1. Web/LinkedIn Search

Having recently discussed how the LSN Research Team uses advanced search techniques to uncover investors, I won't go into too much detail here. Suffice it to say, many family offices, particularly those that are highly active in the life science space, have a significant web presence and can be identified by using Boolean Operators to target both Google and LinkedIn searches. As these groups have established these communication channels with the intent to be found, they also tend to be more open to outreach and the discussion of new opportunities...
RESI @ TMCx "Medtech Family Offices" Panel Announcement

By Lucy Parkinson, Senior Research Manager, LSN 


When LSN began the Redefining Early Stage Investments conference series, one of our primary goals was to hear from new voices in the life science sector that were rarely heard at other events.  Family Offices now represent an important source of capital in the life science field, and LSN has contacted numerous family offices that are seeking dealflow in the medical technology field.  In January, RESI hosted a panel devoted to Medtech Family Offices for the first time; as this panel was hugely popular, RESI @ TMCx will once again feature a panel of speakers from the medtech family office world


Moderated by Colin Widen, CEO, Boston Innovation Capital the audience will hear from:

  • Alejandra Paredones, CEO & Founder, BSI Capital
  • Bryan Grulke, Principal, Volcano Capital
  • Clay Heighten, Founding Partner, Green Park and Golf Ventures 
  • Jonathan Jonas, Partner, JVC Investment Partners
These investors will explain to the audience why they seek direct investments in medical technology, how their investment process works, and what they look for in an early-stage medtech opportunity. If you're developing a medtech product and want to hear how family offices engage with your sector, join us at RESI @ TMCx.