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Are You a Fit for the Greater China Market?

Medical Device Innovation Landscape in Europe


RESI @ TMCx "The Internet of MedTech" Panel Announcement

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Are You a Fit for the Greater China Market?
By Shaoyu Chang, MD, MPH,  Senior Research Analyst, LSN
Mimi Liu, Research Analyst, LSN

As the world's second largest pharmaceutical market with an estimated annual growth rate of 10%-13% through 2018, China continues to attract growth-seeking life science companies and investors from across the globe. What are the opportunities and challenges in entering in this market? This article provides an in-depth view by dissecting information gleaned from LSN's company platform and the interviews we have conducted with investors based in greater China.


The growth of China's pharmaceutical market is driven by a large and aging population, increased access to healthcare, and nationwide policy reform. Over the past five years, the generic drug market has been growing steadily, while branded drugs have gained greater protection, due to the improvement of regulations and laws by the China Food and Drug Administration. Market demand has shifted from antibiotics to specialized drugs, with many therapeutics companies starting to focus on oncology, cardiovascular conditions, blood diseases, and supplements...


Medical Device Innovation Landscape in Europe
By Michael Quigley, Director of Research, LSN

Last week we used the LSN Company Database, which covers over 30,000 life science companies across the globe, to see what kinds of emerging therapeutics assets were being developed in European countries. This week we again utilized the database, this time to take a look at the emerging medical devices coming out of Europe, and we were able to identify over 400 products in development . These devices all have yet to reach market approval and, as such, can likely indicate where the most innovation is currently taking place.

In analyzing the data for the companies that we track, we found that reusable instruments, active implantable devices, and electromechanical medical devices are the most prevalent subsectors of in-development medical devices in Europe. By looking at the same cross section of medical devices in the U.S., we can observe how the innovation landscape compares across the pond...
RESI @ TMCx "The Internet of MedTech" Panel Announcement

By Natasha Eldridge, Marketing Manager, Life Science Nation 


As cost concerns in healthcare rise and medical device technology advances, LSN has encountered a large number of investors who take an interest in the convergence of medical devices and software. Many investors are interested in the potential of this new wave of connected medical and diagnostic devices, which will collect and transmit biological data in order to monitor chronic conditions and warn of complications before they occur.  The Internet of Medtech has the potential to change how healthcare is delivered, with data bridging the gap between providers and patients.


At RESI @ TMCx, LSN has introduced a new panel session devoted to investment in this rapidly developing field of innovation. Moderated by Michael Greeley, General Partner, Foundation Medical Partners the audience will hear from:

  • Alexander Suh, Founding Managing Director, California Technology Ventures 
  • Lucian Iancovici, Investment Manager, Qualcomm Ventures 
  • Matt Otterstatter, Partner, Vilicus Ventures 
  • Nancy Green, Global Lead - Healthcare Vertical, Verizon Healthcare