Life Science Nation Newsletter  |  Apr 2, 2015  |  Issue 105

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Researching Life Science Investors: Webinar Now Available 

The West Coast: Innovation in Areas of Unmet Need


RESI @ TMCx Biotech Angels Panel Announcement 


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Researching Life Science Investors: Webinar Now Available
By Michael Quigley, Director of Research, LSN

Back in January, at our RESI Conference, I gave a presentation describing the tools and methods used by LSN's Research team to identify, profile, and initiate dialogue with investors in the life science space. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees praising the tactical nature of the information, and Medmarc requested I host the presentation as a webinar for their monthly series. The entire webinar can be downloaded here, however with this article I wish to elucidate one simple tool that can be used immediately and will drastically improve your effectiveness when researching investors.

While Google remains the most common search engine in the world, many people underutilize it. The following two images feature a few Boolean operators that can be used in the Google Search bar as well as a screen shot of a sample search using them that shows how effective they can be...
The West Coast: Innovation in Areas of Unmet Need

By Lucy Parkinson, Senior Research Manager, LSN 


We've previously taken a dive into the LSN Company Platform and the LSN Investor Platform to assess the life science landscape in America's Northeast and Southwest regions. This week, we will examine current product development and investor activity on the West Coast.

Using the LSN Company Platform, we took a sample of biotech and medtech assets being developed in West Coast states. While the bulk of these assets are in California, the state of Washington also makes a significant contribution to the data, and the LSN Company Platform also tracks several companies based in Oregon and Hawaii. In total, the sample drew from the pipelines of 493 companies, which collectively are developing 187 medtech products and 1529 biotech products. In the case of the biotech assets, we track the specific target indication in 1399 cases, as is shown in Figure 1...




RESI @ TMCx Biotech Angels Panel Announcement
By Natasha Eldridge, Marketing Manager, Life Science Nation

Angel investment often acts as springboard, supplying the capital required for life science companies to generate the data necessary to garner interest and secure funding from larger institutional players. This critical pool of capital should be on the radar for every fundraising entrepreneur in the space. In order to help Resi attendees in the biotech space better understand how to go about building relationship and securing an allocation from these groups LSN has assembles a panel of 5 representative from angel group with interest in the biotech therapeutics space. With representatives from groups based Texas, California, Pennsylvania, and Nova Scotia this panel is sure to bring some unique and diverse perspective on angel investment in the space. 


Moderated by Bril Flint, Board Member, Central Texas Angel Network the audience will hear from: 

  • Bernard Rudnick, Founding Member, Mid Atlantic Bio Angels
  • Brian Lowe, Co-Founder, Director, First Angel Network Association
  • Daryl Basham, Member, Houston Angel Network
  • Michael Jin, Managing Partner, TEEC Angel Fund