Life Science Nation Newsletter  |  February 26, 2015  |  Issue 100

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Seeking Device, Diagnostic and Healthcare IT Opportunities

Seeking Global Biopharmaceutical, Medtech, and Diagnostic Opportunities

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Next Phase Issue 100: A Look Back at Our Top Five Articles


The Southwest: New Frontier of Life Science Innovation


[Video] Diagnostic Investors Panel at RESI 4

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RESI 4 Recap Video, San Francisco, 2015
RESI 4 Biotech Family Offices Panel
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RESI 4 Clinical Phase I & Phase II Investor Panel
Next Phase Issue 100: A Look Back at Our Top Five Articles
By Michael Quigley, Director of Research, LSN


In honor of the 100th edition of the Next Phase newsletter, LSN would like to share five of the most popular articles to date. These articles provide a great snapshot of what this newsletter is all about: educating entrepreneurs and investors on the early stage life-science-investment landscape and providing tactical advice to entrepreneurs on how best to present their opportunity to the life science investment community. These articles all stem from our daily dialogues with both investors and entrepreneurs from around the world; this experience allows us to act as an information portal between these two groups.

Without further ado, here are the top five articles.
  1. 11 Tips for Creating a Successful Pitch Deck
  2. LSN Published in Nature Bioentrepreneur: "Beyond Venture Capital"
  3. Formulating the Introductory Email to Potential Investors
  4. Pharma-Licensing Deal Trends in 2014
  5. 10 Steps to a Life Science Fundraising Campaign
The Southwest: New Frontier of Life Science Innovation

By Lucy Parkinson, Senior Research Manager, LSN 


LSN will be heading to Houston in June for our next RESI event, so we decided to take a closer look at a sample of life science companies based in seven Southwest states-the types of innovation taking place in these companies and the number of products emerging from the biotech pipelines.


We looked at companies based in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah. The sample was drawn from the LSN Company Platform, which partners with bioclusters around the world to gather information on early-stage life science companies.


Our sample consists of biotech companies with assets that are at least in the preclinical stage and not beyond Phase III, and medtech companies with products currently in development; neither life science service providers nor biotech companies at the discovery or lead-optimization stages were included. While most of these companies were located in Texas, the sample included companies from every one of the seven aforementioned states...



[Video] Diagnostic Investors Panel at RESI 4
By Nono Hu, Senior Manager, Branding & Messaging, LSN

This week, LSN would like to share the RESI 4 Diagnostic Investor Panel recap video with you. The panel features five investors from a highly diverse group of both for-profit and nonprofit investment organizations in the diagnostics field.


Watch the video if you are interested to learn more about the types of investors currently investing in early stage diagnostics companies.   The investors answer relevant questions about the diagnostics field, including:  What do investors want to know about a company's reimbursement plan? How do regulatory challenges impact funding decisions? What information should companies provide to investors initially?  How do you create an elevator pitch that will make an investor want to hear more about your company...

RESI 4 Diagnostic Investors Panel with Notes V1
RESI 4 Diagnostic Investors Panel