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RESI 4 Is Approaching - Check Out the Program Guide


RESI Innovation Challenge: Scientist-Entrepreneurs Step into the Spotlight at JPM


5 RESI Panels Featuring 26 Investors from Major Players in the Industry


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RESI 4 Is Approaching - Check Out the Program Guide

By Nono Hu, Senior Manager, Branding & Messaging, LSN  


The Team at LSN is pleased to announce that for our first RESI Conference on the West Coast we will be bringing together over 500 investors, scientist-entrepreneurs, and strategic partners from around the world for a full day of partnering, panels and workshops.


RESI 4 provides a venue for all early stage scientist-entrepreneurs to connect with early stage investors.RESI's goal is to facilitate dialogues that open compelling relationships between entrepreneurs and investors.  These relationships lead to capital allocations which will move science along. In partnership with AdvaMed, the sponsor of RESI's medtech investor panel track, RESI strengthens its reach into the world of medtech startups and investors. In addition to the new Medtech panel track, RESI 4 will also have a Biotech panel track, hands-on workshops, the RESI Innovation Challenge, and the RESI Partnering Forum.


We're excited to add so much new content to RESI 4. To learn more, click the image below to check out the RESI Program Guide...



RESI Innovation Challenge: Scientist-Entrepreneurs Step into the Spotlight at JPM
By Michael Quigley, Director of Research, LSN


The RESI Innovation Challenge is taking place in San Francisco on January 13 and will feature 31 handpicked early stage biotech and medtech innovators from around the globe. These entrepreneurs have each received a presentation space in the exhibit hall for the full day of the conference to present their opportunity to investors and fellow entrepreneurs. LSN has found that companies presenting in this venue interact with more investors-and more frequently-throughout the course of the day than companies making the traditional 15-minute presentation.


To add some friendly competition to the mix, the RESI Innovation Challenge invites all attendees to participate in a virtual investment contest. At the start of the day, each attendee will receive "RESI Cash" to allocate to the entrepreneurs whose technologies they expect will be most influential. The company that receives the most investor dollars wins. This time, the first prize winner will receive complimentary consulting from LSN. The winner can choose one of the following three projects...



5 RESI Panels Featuring 26 Investors from Major Players in the Industry

By Tom Crosby, RESI Conference Manager, LSN 


With the first West Coast RESI right around the corner, we're pleased to announce the remaining five investor panels: Corporate Venture Capital, Emerging Market Investors, Medical Device Strategics, Orphan & Rare Disease Investors, and Clinical Phase I & Phase IILSN is thrilled both with the world-class speakers and the content that they will be delivering to a record RESI audience of 500+ on January 13th. If you have yet to take a look at the first West Coast RESI's panels, they're now all available online. We hope that you'll be taking in some of this fantastic content along with us next week - if not, look for the recap videos shortly following the conference, and we'll see you at the next RESI!


Panel Announcement #1: Corporate Venture Capital


Moderated by Graeme Martin, President & CEO of Takeda Ventures the audience will hear from:


  • Priyanka Rohatgi, Director, Baxter Ventures
  • Tetsuro Iwata, Senior Manager, MP Healthcare Venture Management 
  • Barbara Dalton, Vice President, Pfizer Venture Investments 
  • Jason Hafler, Director of Investments, Sanofi-Genzyme BioVentures 
  • Sofie Qiao, Managing Director, WuXi Venture Fund
Panel Announcement #2: Emerging Market Investors

Moderated by Pushpa Vijayaraghavan, Vice President of Sathguru the audience will hear from: ...