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Life Science Investor Mandates (Nov. 27 - Dec. 3)

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Partnering Based on Fit! 


Oncology Landscape: Competitive Pipelines and Global Mandates

Double RESI Conference Panel Announcement 


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Partnering Based on Fit!
By Alejandro Zamorano, VP of Business Development, LSN


LSN announces RESI 4 Partnering Platform has gone live.


The sheer quantity and diversity of investors attending RESI, paired with the power of the RESI Partnering Platform, means the RESI conference is the right place for early stage life science companies to meet investors that are a fit.


LSN has partnered with Meeting Mojo, an emerging partnering portal developer based in the UK. RESI attendees can use the system to find other attendees who are a fit for their product, development stage, and other relevant factors.  This highly customized solution uses metatagged profiles that can be searched by the scientist entrepreneur attendees to pinpoint a specific fit for an investment mandate by one of the investment firms present at RESI...

Life Science Nation - RESI Partnering Platform Demo
Life Science Nation - RESI Partnering Platform Demo

Oncology Landscape: Competitive Pipelines and Global Mandates

By Mimi Liu, Research Analyst, LSN  


The global market for cancer drugs and treatments is truly massive and continues to grow. According to the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, global oncology spending hit $91 billion in 2013, and it is growing at a 5% clip annually. In previous articles, we've analyzed new products and investor interest in the cardiovascular and neurology sectors. Today, let's look at what LSN data shows in the oncology sphere.

LSN tracks more than 4,500 therapeutic assets for the neoplasms, cancer, and oncology areas, including 1,025 assets that are in the preclinical stage, 2,202 assets that are in the clinical stage, and 517 assets that are on the market. For some of these therapeutics, LSN is also able to track the type of cancer they target. Although this is a subset of the total, it is useful to analyze. (See Figures 1, 2, and 3.) ...


Double RESI Conference Panel Announcement

By Tom Crosby, RESI Conference Manager, LSN 


This week, LSN announces two panels for the upcoming Redefining Early Stage Investments Conference: Big Pharma & Large Biotech, and Diagnostic Investors.


Panel Announcement #1: Big Pharma


Moderated by Tomas Landh, Director, Novo Nordisk, the audience will hear from:

  • Kevin Lynch, VP, Search and Evaluation, Abbvie
  • Imran Nasrullah, Director, Innovation Sourcing, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Thorsten Melcher, Senior Director, New Ventures & Partnerships, J&J Innovation
  • Shafique Virani, Global Head, Partnering (Neuro), Roche / Genentech

Panel Announcement #2: Diagnostic Investors


Moderated by Steven Young, President & COO, Addario Lung Cancer Institute, the audience will hear from:

  • Bill Cadwallader, Senior Commercialization Officer, Diagnostics, PATH
  • Momei Qu, Senior Associate, Baird Capital
  • Gary Kurtzman, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Healthcare, Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. 
  • Nola Masterson, Founder and Managing Director, Science Futures...

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