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11 Tips for Creating a Successful Pitch Deck


Global Neurology Landscape: Dry Pipelines in Rare Neurological Disorders 


Family Offices Investing in Early Stage Therapeutics: RESI Panel Announcement


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11 Tips for Creating a Successful Pitch Deck

By Shaoyu Chang, Research Analyst, LSN 


Coming from a scientific background, I thought I knew well enough about using slides and making presentations, whether in laboratory journal clubs or at hundred-attendee conferences. However, as I start to help fellow scientists on their fundraising campaigns, it has become apparent to me that academia and business speak very different languages.


Looking at the concept scheme (Figure 1), scientists are used to a standard structure that emphasizes on literature background, study design, and interpretation of data. However, building a successful investor pitch deck requires a different set of considerations, framework, and skills than an academic presentation. In addition to scientific merit, an investor pitch deck must showcase the superiority of the management team, market potential, business model, and competitive landscape, among other factors...


Global Neurology Landscape: Dry Pipelines in Rare Neurological Disorders
By Lucy Parkinson, Senior Research Manager, LSN


In last week's newsletter, we presented an overview of innovation and investment in the cardiovascular space. This week, we continue this series, analyzing LSN data on the neurology sector. Investors often tell us that neurology is a challenging space, particularly when it comes to evaluating early stage opportunities; some investors feel that it's harder to assess animal data or prototype studies in this space than it is in many others. Here, we take a look at the competitive landscape for neurology and the investors.


LSN tracks therapeutic assets for two areas of neurology: diseases of the nervous system and mental and behavioral disorders. The former is a far more robust area of innovation at present, with 646 assets in clinical trials. We have been able to determine the specific disease areas that 437 assets are targeting. (See Figure 1.)...


Family Offices Investing in Early Stage Therapeutics: RESI Panel Announcement

By Tom Crosby, RESI Conference Manager, LSN 


RESI has always aimed to bring a diverse pool of investors together to meet life science entrepreneurs, and at past events, our Family Office panels have often stolen the show.  As family offices grow in importance as a source of critical development capital for life science companies, LSN is excited to announce a second panel drawn from this category of investors: Family Offices Investing in Early Stage Therapeutics.


Moderated by John Nelson, Managing Director of Genrich, Inc. the panel includes the following speakers:

  • Amir Heshmatpour, Founder & Managing Director, AFH Holding & Advisory
  • Rick Jones, Director, Broadview Ventures
  • Melissa Krauth, Head, Life Science Investments, Claria Bioscience
  • Sean Stalfort, Partner, PBM Capital

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