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10 Steps to a Life Science Fundraising Campaign


Understanding the Mandates for Moving Science Forward: RESI Biotech Venture Philanthropy Panel Announcement


Life Science Opportunities in Emerging Markets


Life Science Investor Mandates (Oct. 22 - Oct. 29)

Seeking Shipping Medical Device, Services and Healthcare IT Opportunities

Looking Globally for Early Stage Therapeutics, Devices and Diagnostics
Looking for Cosmetic Therapeutics and Devices
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The Life Science Executive's Fundraising Manifesto
10 Steps to a Life Science Fundraising Campaign 

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN 


Executing a successful fundraising campaign in the life sciences space requires organization, professionalism, determination, a great technology, and an outstanding team. LSN has worked with hundreds of companies in this capacity-companies that are at all stages of development, in regions around the world, and pursuing various types of technology. We've been watching as the latest process for fundraising has surfaced, and I wanted to share what we see as the ten steps...

Understanding the Mandates for Moving Science Forward: RESI Biotech Venture Philanthropy Panel Announcement 
By Tom Crosby, RESI Conference Manager, LSN


At the upcoming RESI Conference on January 13, 2015 in San Francisco, leaders from the top venture philanthropy organizations from around the world will discuss their experience with impact investing. Venture philanthropy is one of the most talked about funding models in early stage life science investments today. Because venture philanthropy organizations typically fund on a multiyear basis, these heavily donor-funded organizations are working towards making significant results possible on a quick time line.

LSN is pleased to announce the representatives for the biotech track of venture philanthropy. The complementary session on venture philanthropy in the medical-device space will be announced at a later date. Moderated by Brian Horsburgh, Trustee of the NeuroNetworks Fund, the audience will hear from:
  • Ross Tonkens, Director, Science and Technology Accelerator, American Heart Association
  • Lindy Fishburne, Executive Director, Breakout Labs
  • Maria Berkman, Director, Broadview Ventures
  • Tom Capetan, Business Development, Foundation Fighting Blindness

Life Science Opportunities in Emerging Markets 

By Shaoyu Chang, Research Analyst, LSN


The biotechnology industry is growing in the Asia-Pacific and Latin America regions, and it is attracting local and foreign entrepreneurs and funding. Compared with companies in developed markets, ventures in these regions have unique opportunities and challenges as a result of the large populations and rising healthcare requirements. Two areas of R&D hold particular promise.


Medical devices-particularly diagnostic equipment, implantable devices, and products for the prevention of disease-represent a rapidly expanding market in China, India, and Brazil, given their aging populations. Because consumers in these countries are also often brand-conscious and willing to pay higher prices for better quality products, large medical-device manufacturers from Western countries are positioning themselves to tap into the market potential by merging with or acquiring local players. For example, in 2013, the UK's Smith & Nephew announced the buyout of Indian trauma-device maker Adler Mediequip. This move followed in the footsteps of other major mergers or acquisitions by Stryker, Zimmer Holdings, and Medtronic.

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