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Fine-Tuning Your Communication Strategy When Speaking with Investors 
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Virtual Pharma Partners: Guiding Assets to Commercialization  
By Lucy Parkinson, Research Manager, LSN


There are many investment models used in the therapeutics sector, including partnering with an innovative, hands-on, asset-centric Virtual Pharma group. These investors, otherwise known as pharmaceutical management companies or pharmaceutical development companies, partner with small biotechs with the goal of building a portfolio of therapeutic assets and efficiently developing them for an exit opportunity. But how do virtual pharmas operate, and why might it make sense to partner with one?


The research team at LSN keeps in contact with virtual pharma groups because, quite simply, they are investors in early stage biotech. Rather than investing directly in companies, virtual pharmas invest in assets (in most cases, by in-licensing and then funding the asset's development; in a few cases, by acquiring assets completely, often with the original rights owner maintaining a royalty share)...

Aggregating Early Stage Assets: RESI Conference Announces Virtual Pharma Panel 
By Tom Crosby, RESI Conference Manager, LSN

One of the newer investor types to the life science arena are virtual pharmaceutical development companies. These firms are aggregating multiple assets and leveraging their internal clinical expertise to shepherd them through the development process. By doing so, these investors can invest in multiple companies, add distinct value, and get rewarded by the companies that succeed.


Moderated by Gene Williams, COO at Immune Pharmaceuticals, the audience will hear from:

  • Jarrod Longcor, CBO, Avillion LLP
  • Dennis Goldberg, President, Benu Biopharma
  • Baiju Shah, CEO, BioMotiv
  • Andrew Perlman, Managing Director / CMO, Velocity Pharmaceutical Development
Fine-Tuning Your Communication Strategy When Speaking with Investors

By Danielle Silva, VP of Business Development, LSN
& Mimi Liu, Research Analyst, LSN


Life Science Nation is always looking for ways to improve in the ability to create a compelling dialogue with investors and life science executive alike.  We recently had the opportunity to attend a series of seminars teaching Dale Carnegie's principles of communication, which are outlined in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People. When we shared the lessons learned about successful communication techniques with the other LSN staff, we all realized these principles and techniques can be applied to building a better rapport with investors. Here are our picks for the top four lessons and how to apply them to fundraising in the life sciences...

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