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Investors Elucidate Medtech Preferences
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Angel Syndicates & Early Stage Capital: RESI Conference Announces Angel Group Panel
By Tom Crosby, RESI Conference Manager, LSN

Angels represent an extremely important pool of capital for a fundraising entrepreneur, especially now that they have begun syndicating and participating in larger financing rounds. To help RESI attendees better understand how to receive an allocation from an angel, LSN has assembled a world-class panel of accredited investors to sit on the September 17 Angel Group session.


Moderated by Barbara Nelsen, an active solo angel and member of Sofia Angel Fund (which invests in companies operated by or for women), the audience will hear from:

  • Bill Whitaker, Managing Director, Golden Seeds
  • Stephen Nagler, Executive Director, MedPro Investors LLC
  • Stephen Goodman, Co-Founder, Mid-Atlantic Bio Angels
  • Praveen Tailam, Managing Director, TiE Angels... 
LSN Garners 56 New Investor Mandates in June 2014
By Michael Quigley, Director of Research, LSN

June was a fruitful month for LSN's Research Team, yielding 56 new investment mandates from various life science investors around the globe. In order to grant our readership a better insight into the life science investment trends we are seeing real time, the LSN Research Team highlighted some interesting data points from the mandates we received throughout the month of June.


Diversification of Investor Types

The month produced mandates from a diverse pool of investor types spread across the 9 categories seen below...



Investors Elucidate Medtech Preferences
By Lucy Parkinson, Research Manager, LSN


As highlighted in our look at the Medtech Fundraising Landscape for 2014, LSN Research contacted investors from across the medical device map.  The results show that there are more active investors in the medical device sector than in therapeutics, despite opinion to the contrary.  However, we have seen a marked difference between these two groups of investors - while therapeutic investors are more likely to be focused on early-stage companies, medtech investors are distributed more evenly across a company's lifespan.  The chart below shows the respective distributions of investors among LSN's mandate data:...

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