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Investing in the Future: RESI Conference Announces Corporate Venture Capital Panel 
By Tom Crosby, RESI Conference Manager, LSN


Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) and Independent Venture Capital are two totally separate beasts with different tactics and strategies - especially regarding early stage investments. Learn from the experts in Corporate Venture Capital why there is a growing interest in early stage life science. As CVC funds continue to grow, it is increasingly important for entrepreneurs to understand these entities as a viable source of potential investment. 
The RESI Conference session will feature representatives from some major players in the industry. This is a must attend, one-of-a-kind panel that will provide tremendous insight for the scientist entrepreneur...

East Meets West: By the Numbers

By Phubes Asavasatitporn & Mimi Liu, Research Analysts, LSN


LSN prides itself on curating a global early stage investor platform. To do so requires connecting with investors in all time zones. Therefore, on a monthly basis, the LSN research team carves out time to reach out to investors in Asia and Oceania. China, India, Australia, Japan, and Korea are countries of particular focus. Typically, the analysts take a S.W.A.T. team approach. The following is a snapshot of a recent night of canvassing.


On June 18, five research analysts took on the challenge of uncovering life science investors in the eastern hemisphere. In the span of eight hours from 4 PM to midnight, we reached out to as many life science investors as possible...


East Meets West: The Lessons Learned
By Laura Chess, Research Analyst, LSN


If you have just read the "East Meets West: By the Numbers", I would like to provide some additional commentary from a canvassing perspective.

As a research analyst at LSN, one of the reasons I am able to get through to investors is that the purpose of my call is to find out what an investor's interests are so that I can provide them with qualified dealflow. I am not trying to sell them something. During Asian night, June 18, I was pleasantly surprised with how open and receptive the investor candidates we canvassed were. My goal was to conduct a one-on-one survey that reveals the needs of investors that I had targeted from the Far East. Upon explaining that LSN can help them source and filter global life science companies that are a fit for their current investment mandates, the call becomes a pretty free-flowing conversation...

Your Target List: Who Is Not Investing
By Michael Quigley, Research Manager, LSN

As a fundraising entrepreneur, knowing who is actively investing and who is not has the potential to increase the efficiency of your campaign by 30%, if not more.


Who is "not currently allocating" is one of the most valuable data points that we gather on the life science investment community. In this category we put any investor who has made investments in the space over the past five years and is in the process of fundraising, winding down a fund, or moving out of the space completely. Of the investors we have spoken to over the past year, we have found that approximately 30% are not currently looking to make new investments...



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