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Business Development Corner: Assessing Your Fundraising Acumen
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The Life Science Executive's Fundraising Manifesto: Why I Wrote This Book 

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN
If you are a life science entrepreneur who has reached the exciting phase of development when you are actively seeking investors in your firm and product, congratulations! Growing a company to this stage is not an easy process, and although attracting funding isn't either, if you take the right approach, winning an allocation can become not only an achievable milestone but also a feat you accomplish repeatedly... 


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Author, Dennis Ford, and Contributor, Alejandro Zamorano
Book Signing at 2014 BIO International Convention 

Heading Upstream & Investing at the Source: RESI Conference Announces Big Pharma Panel
By Tom Crosby, RESI Conference Manager, LSN


Don't miss an excellent chance to hear directly from pharma executives looking to fill pipeline gaps via strategic partnerships & alliances; LSN is bringing together representatives from some of the most active big pharma companies involved early stage life science.
Moderated by Bill Kohlbrenner of AbbVie, the audience will hear from:  
LSN Business Development Corner: Assessing Your Fundraising Acumen
By Jack Fuller, Business Development, LSN

The perfect fit, the good fit, and the stretcher. Those are the three types of scientist-entrepreneurs I've seen do well in their fundraising efforts.


Day in and day out, LSN works with life science companies that are raising capital, and we see an enormous number of talented and intelligent people who cannot conceptualize and execute an outbound fundraising campaign. For one reason or another, otherwise smart people are not able to determine who to approach for capital or discuss their ideas and technology in a clear and convincing manner.


However, some scientist-entrepreneurs are a perfect fit or a good fit for successfully running an outbound fundraising campaign, and some can stretch and make it happen...



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