Life Science Nation Newsletter  |  June 5, 2014  |  Issue 65

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Investors Want Therapeutics, Devices and Diagnostics - LSN's 20 Most Recent Mandates

By Maximilian Klietmann, VP of Marketing, LSN

This week, the Next Phase Newsletter is featuring a special format: LSN is sharing the last 20 mandates, albeit anonymized, garnered by LSN's Investor Research team over the past few weeks. All of these mandates are current, accurate and actionable. They are derived from 1-on-1 conversations with active life science investors from around the globe. The breadth of these mandates reinforces LSN's assertions on the new investor landscape as well as the diversity of interest. LSN hopes to impart the value of taking a broad view of investor categories that may be relevant to you and not just a specific type, e.g. VC or Angel.

Here's the breakdown:

  • 7 Venture Capital Mandates
  • 3 Corporate Venture mandates
  • 5 Family Office/Private investment Mandates
  • 4 Private Equity Mandates
  • 1 Social Impact Investor Mandate

Within these:

  • 11 Seeking Medtech Devices & Health IT
  • 11 Seeking Therapeutics
  • 10 Seeking Diagnostics

Click on the mandates below for more detail - Enjoy!

MANDATE 8 - 14
MANDATE 15 - 20
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