Life Science Nation Newsletter  |  May 22, 2014  |  Issue 63

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The Road to Commercialization: Do Life Science Incubators Deliver on Their Promise? 
By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN

Providing shared space, services, equipment, and expertise to budget-conscious scientist-entrepreneurs who are looking to prove a hypothesis and launch a company is the mission of life science incubators. And they have helped many start-ups.


However, increasingly, scientist-entrepreneurs are disappointed with what they're finding. LSN hears a lot of complaints because we are in dialogue with a lot of the firms that populate these incubators. They acknowledge that incubators are less expensive than going it alone. Still, they say the lab space is too expensive, the promise of seeding seasoned players who can augment the founding team often goes unfulfilled, and there's little to no tactical fundraising support...

The Top 10 Most Common Fundraising Misconceptions
By Maximilian Klietmann, VP of Marketing, LSN


In almost every case, the scientist-entrepreneurs approaching LSN are falling victim to one or more fallacies that are propagated through the industry. LSN is in a dialogue with over 5,000 investors around the world, and the reality is that what many entrepreneurs believe to be sound business logic could be dooming their companies. This article compiles the top 10  fundraising misconceptions so that you can avoid these pitfalls.


1. Your existing network is enough. This belief is especially common among first-time fundraisers. They believe that the relationships they have are more than enough to get them funded in short order... 


Tips for Getting an Investor's Attention  
By Michael Quigley, Research Manager, LSN

LSN identifies and contacts new life science investors worldwide on a daily basis. Over time, the research team has developed several methods for getting a foot in the door when we don't have a prior relationship. We've written previous articles about preparing introductory emails. However, this article describes techniques that can be used when those emails go unanswered.


In our experience, receiving a response to an investor email largely depends on three factors: investor fit, clarity of message, and a respect for the investor's process...



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