Life Science Nation Newsletter  |  May 8, 2014  |  Issue 61

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Filtering the Noise: How Life Science Investors Manage Prospects 
By Maximilian Klietmann, VP of Marketing, LSN

In this newsletter, we often discuss how emerging life science entrepreneurs should think about their fundraising strategy. This week, we're going to look at the fundraising process from the perspective of a couple of investors.


I called a corporate VC fund and a family office in the LSN network; each is actively making allocations and has a mandate to make at least five investments over the next year. I asked a simple question: What does your typical month look like?


The deal-sourcing executive at the corporate venture fund was quick to say, "We get a lot of referrals, but more often than not, they're only generally targeted. There are a few people in my network who really understand what we are looking for...


Pharma-Licensing Deal Trends in 2014 
By Lucy Parkinson, Research Manager, LSN


LSN gathers data on early stage life science companies and investors worldwide, but we also track global licensing activity and trends through the LSN Deal Platform. We analyzed 20 pharma deals that were publicly announced from January through April and spotted three trends that offer a glimpse of what the industry may expect from pharma-licensing activity in 2014. 


Orphan Diseases Are Hot

About 25% of the pharma-licensing deals so far this year involve an orphan or rare disease asset.  The accelerated approval pathway for these drugs is driving pharma strategies toward small biotechs that have cultivated expertise and assets in these rare diseases...


Angel Groups Are Evolving into Bigger Players 
By Michael Quigley, Research Manager, LSN


As we enter the so-called "golden age" of life sciences, there is no shortage of funding opportunities for savvy investors. This has not been lost on angel groups.


There has been a significant rise in the number of angel groups targeting early stage life science companies. In the past year, approximately 25% of all angel dollars invested has been in the healthcare sector. Angel groups are making not only more investments but also larger ones, and they're focus is longer term.


Syndication has allowed angels to take more substantial positions and to take advantage of the many opportunities available since the contraction in the VC sector. Also, the rise of capital-efficient life science startups, which outsource development, has allowed angels to place more bets and be longer-term players... 



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