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Article No. 4                                                                                    July 22, 2016
Hostage Situation

KSD is attempting to hold the KEA members hostage by forcing language into the contract that would cut pay if our state pushes changes that impact school levy funding. The KEA bargaining team has been given an ultimatum: accept language which could cut TRI pay, or bargain a one-year contract.  
KEA's bargaining team has spent many hours preparing for the past three days in negotiations, and the results are not encouraging. We remain far apart on teacher directed time, compensation and there has been no substantial progress in other areas.
  • The district continues to push its plan to demand a backdoor clause to automatically cut our pay as the first solution if local school levies are impacted by state changes. Absent this language, the district refuses to bargain a multiyear contract.
  • The district is back to demanding more time from teachers instead of providing essential relief that honestly recognizes our ballooning work requirements. The district wants more mandatory principal-directed workshops and meetings, and wants to strip away employee control of the release days (to have more meetings).
  • The district fails to recognize how rising medical costs are stealing our take-home wages. The district refuses to offer to help employees address the higher costs. Because of rising health care costs and no additional support from KSD, even a moderate increase in salary means many employees would move backward on pay next year.
  • On evaluation, the district argues it must assume that every proven teacher last year is Basic this year. It will be our responsibility to once again prove we retained more than "basic" skills instead of using prior performance as the basis for "proficient" status, which the district could then easily downgrade if an actual performance problem arose.
  • We've previously communicated with you about the obscene growth in administrative spending, but it is rampant elsewhere, too.  Hiring attorneys-- to the tune of $104,775.24 as of June 15, double what was spent in 2014/15-- to battle their own employees provides a telling snapshot of what's wrong with district priorities.  KSD has hired an attorney to bargain against you! Money is spent freely to fight teachers, money that never benefits our students and classrooms.  KEA members face too many students with not enough time, or enough resources, but possess a burning passion to help students succeed. KSD should work with us as professionals to find collaborative solutions, instead of hiring lawyers to block us from offering students the schools they deserve.
What can you do? 
Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to email Dr. Watts at  and ask him to encourage the KSD Bargaining team to settle a fair multiyear contract that will attract and retain high quality teachers, respect our time, and make classrooms the priority

How Does TRI Pay Compare to Other Districts? 

District Data
# of Students
TRI* at BA Minimum
TRI** at MA Maximum
Lake Washington

*Includes professional funds where applicable     **Includes longevity if applicable

Source:  Washington Education Association as reported to them by local districts
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