October, 2013
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This month we focus on planning for success, with ideas and tools for business strategy, tips on engaging others, thoughtful budgeting and
 an author's interview on the planning and process of writing a business book.
Business Model Canvas Explained
Business Model Canvas in 2.2 minutes
Check out this simple, but powerful model for a quick or in-depth exploration of all the components of your business (large, solo, profit or not), whether you're the owner, an employee, a consultant, or just a friend.  You can download it free on businessmodelgeneration.com. Read more about the process and thinking in my blog post: Nifty Visionary Thinking Tool
Hourglass Model of Planning Process
Hourglass Model Here's a simple metaphor that we created to help understand the steps ahead.
Think Big
Think Critically
Think Selectively
Think Strategically
Think Operationally
Engagement:  Why include
Human Towerothers in the strategic planning process?  
Too often we try to rush the strategic planning process and limit engagement. Entrepreneurs sit alone planning, if they do it at all among all that bombards them.  Non-profit boards want it done in a half-day, with minimum use of over-stretched resources.  Companies sometimes rely on the budget process as the only strategic planning that occurs.  

Buy-in;:  Although it may seem obvious that including others may be the key to getting buy-in, too many planning processes limit who gets included.  Simply put, plans we have a hand in creating are more motivation to us.  A key human motivation is control - we like to feel like we have some say in our destiny.  

Visibility; Marketing; Information; Attitudes: Including stakeholders  at all levels within, as well as outside the organization (customers, vendors, community members and leaders) is another piece of the engagement process. Although they don't have to plan, they can be asked for input, through actual conversations and surveys.  Asking widely provides extraordinary opportunities for new information, and important perspectives and attitudes toward your company. Including outsiders also provides an opportunity to build visibility - a marketing tool in a way. You don't want them all in the planning process, but you do want them in the exploration stage!  When you ask people their opinions, they get more interested, more engaged.

Graphic Diagram of Benefits of Inclusive Planning:  Process and Product 
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