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August, 2013
Nancy Hardaway photo I hope you're enjoying summer, wherever you are around the globe. Our first issue focuses on awareness,  with tips for success, new ideas, self-assessments.  Read about my new book coming soon,
The Awareness Paradigm 
A Story of Leadership Success
TEST:  How Aware Are You?  

Test your awareness in this one minute video.  Just watch and do the task it asks you to do.  You may be surprised.  To either worry or laugh about how radiologists did on a similar test in new research, and what it could mean for you, click here.
Two images in one
Awareness as a Meta-skill
 Increasing your ability to take in your environment is key to being a good leader. Do you see two things in this drawing? Whether you are trying to influence or motivate, making sense of marketing data, understanding the reaction of your team to change, or pitching an idea to an investor or a product to a customer, you need to access all the information available.  I call it a meta-skill of leadership because without awareness any other skills you learn are of limited use. Read more in this blog post on Awareness:

The Awareness Paradigm
A Story of Leadership Success
By Nancy Hardaway  

The Awareness Paradigm

    Do you have the influence you need to motivate and hold people accountable? Do you easily flex from details to big picture? Are you adept at managing conflict? Can you help individuals and teams become highly effective?
      This brand new book due out in mid-August is a compelling way to experience the skills necessary to move people beyond status quo. Through a fictional story about a small town mayor and his hand picked team, you'll learn lessons of individual and team leadership that are more important than ever for people at all levels.  

     It's an easy read with the page turning qualities of a mystery, because research shows we learn best through experience, and throughout history humans have experienced the new through stories.  But for those who prefer more theory, an appendix of theory and a chapter by chapter lesson summary is included.  Click here to meet the characters...


Phil Mickelson under stress

Aware Breathing for Success 
If you watched Phil Mickelson win a 'double Scotch' -the British Open plus the Scottish Open - you may have heard the announcer comment on Phil controlling his breathing and his pace of walking. In order to stay focused when tension is high,  Phil brings awareness to his breathing and his steps.  Use the same technique next time you are walking toward a high pressure meeting, or a difficult conversation.  It may help you stay in control, and make good decisions on how you manage yourself. Read more reasons why attending to your breath is good for you in this Forbes article:  Breathing and Your Brain: Five Reasons to Grab the Controls


The Awareness ParadigmThe Awareness Paradigm

 Meet the Characters...


Meet Cesar Smith, the former police chief turned mayor who says it was easier being a leader when he could carry a gun. He needs to convince a committee of high-powered leaders to work together and make a crucial decision, and worries that he's lost his edge along with the millions of dollars at stake. 


You'll meet the successful banker, Fletcher Harrington, who's highly analytical and risk-averse, good at numbers but less effective with his staff and his family.


Then there's the smart caring doctor, Mark Green. Over the years he's created a very successful medical practice and urgent clinic but can't figure out why his team is so resistant to a major change initiative or how to hold them accountable.


The founder of a brewery and meadery, Redley Wilson, runs one of the few locally successful businesses in town. Though passionate about her product and her people, her leadership style may be getting in her way.


As you read the story and get to know the characters you'll learn how to put ideas of leadership success to work in your own world.   


"A must read for managers, leaders, and coaches..."  
"I was hooked after the first few pages..."
Radiologists, Gorillas, and Awareness
Lung scan containing gorilla Most of radiologists in a recent Harvard Med School's Visual Attention Lab study missed the gorilla in a CT scan of a lung when asked to look for nodules, even though many of them looked directly at it.  Rest assured, they did find nodules. However, in this constantly changing environment it is crucial for us to notice what is new, not just what we expect to see, whether it is trends, new product needs, shifts in markets or competitors, customers, or employees. Hint:  Check the upper right corner.  Read more on the research. 

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Interesting Reading on Introverts & Extroverts - QUIET
If you've ever thought you might be an introvert, read this book!  It will open your eyes about the unique skills of introverts and the extrovert world we all live in.  There are great tips for public speaking and team leadership  for both introvert and extrovert leaders.QUIET by Susan Cain

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Drawing clue
The image shows a man with glasses looking toward the left side of the page.  If you tilt your head toward your right shoulder, you'll see that the lines spell out the word Liar in cursive writing.  Same data, different way to organize it.

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