December 2013

Rachel Smith recently took over the role of IMERC Coordinator from Adam Wienert. Among other responsibilities, she will be coordinating the 2013 Triennial Submission process beginning in January 2014. She looks forward to working with IMERC Alert readers and helping firms comply with Mercury-added Product Notification requirements. 


To speak with Rachel: (617) 367-8558 ext. 304,  

2013 Triennial Mercury-added Product Notifications Due in Early 2014

Beginning January 15, 2014, companies can begin to file their 2013 Triennial notification forms through the IMERC e-filing system.  


Notification through the e-filing system enables firms to comply with the Mercury-added Product Notification requirements of Connecticut, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Reporting is required for any company that sold or distributed mercury-added products into the states listed above during calendar year 2013. The reporting window is January 15 through April 15, 2014.  Note that this is a new reporting window than previously announced.  The IMERC e-filing system will be offline for the first two weeks of the year while we conduct regular testing and maintenance. 


IMERC encourages companies to compile information for mercury-added products sold or distributed during calendar year 2013 prior to the reporting deadline. This information includes the "total mercury" value for products (mercury content of a product multiplied by the number of units sold/distributed in the U.S. during the calendar year).

2010 Notifications Now Overdue - States Have Begun Issuing Warnings

Most mercury-added product notifiers have submitted their 2010 Triennial forms, but some have not filed and are considered to be out-of-compliance. IMERC has been reaching out to the non-compliers in an effort to bring them into compliance before the next reporting cycle. IMERC's members have begun to issue notices regarding non-compliance to companies as well. If your company has not submitted its 2010 notification form, contact Rachel at the number above to find out how to avoid receiving one of these letters.


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If you are receiving this Alert in error or if you need to update or add additional company contacts, please Rachel, the IMERC Coordinator at or (617) 367-8558.