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GlassDharma straws are selling world wide because of our customers (we have shipped to 46 countries to date!) Many have recommended GlassDharma to their favorite local stores. Others have expressed a desire to find our products in their local stores. 
You Refer. They Buy. You Win!

You win a Gift Card or credit to your favorite local store that starts carrying our products at your request. Incentive reward gifts will be in the amount of one half of the store's first opening order (Minimum order is $175)!

Here is how you can earn money for your referral:  
* Contact your Local Store Manager and suggest our products.* 
* Email the Store & Location information and the contact information of the Store Manager you spoke with about carrying* GlassDharma products. 
 - Email to: incentives@glassdharma.com 
* If your store recommendation makes a purchase by November 30, 2013, you will be contacted and given the details on redeeming your incentive.

*In the case of multiple referrals to the same store, the email first received qualifies for the incentive gift.


counterdisplay_bestGlassDharma has a new Counter Display
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 Congrats to our Mid Summer Sip 
Instagram and Twitter photo contest winners!
1st place $100.00 Gift Code to @gladperez
$100.00 Gift Code to 1st Place Winner @gladperez
$50.00 Gift Code to 2nd Place Winner @crazyseal21
 Keep tagging @glassdharma #glassdharma on your photos on the social networks. More contests TBA in the months to come!

Almond Pear Smoothie

with Raisins





2 diced Pears (peeled and previously frozen)


4 Dates (sliced and soaked)

1/4 Cup Raisins (soaked)

1/4 Cup Almonds (chopped)

1 t. Baking spice*

3/4 C. Almond Milk


 Instructions: blend all ingredients & serve immediatey


* Baking Spice suggestion - Cinnomon, nutmeg, cloves and cardomom. 


TIP: soak the raisins and dates together for at least 10 minutes (hot water) or overnight.  Some of the soaking water can be used to improve the consistency and desired sweetness of this recipe.


Note: this recipe has no sugar added.


serves 2 - 3 

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GlassDharma straws are:
  •          Great for all hot or cold drinks
  •          Easy to clean
  •          Kid friendly and safe
  •          Perfectly stages specialty drinks - bubble teas, iced drinks, shakes and smoothies
  •          Beautiful in cocktails - great accessory for stemware and martini glasses
  •          Concerned about staining your teeth? Use for wine, coffee and teas


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