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This interactive Webinar will assist the participants in understanding what Torticollis is, possible causes and the impact Torticollis has on an infant's ability to achieve his developmental milestones. Participants will learn specific ways to screen for Torticollis, know when to refer to PT/OT and will be provided an overview of interventions using the most recent evidence-based information.



Kim LephartKim Lephart, PT, DPT, MBA, PCS
Dr. Lephart owns her own practice and currently works for Rappahannock Rapidan's Early Intervention Program and Culpeper and Madison County School Systems. She is also a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Pediatric Physical Therapy. For more info about Dr. Lephart, click here.
Pam Lang

Pamela Lang, PT

Pamela Lang is a physical therapist currently working in Early Intervention (EI). She is enrolled in the Doctoral Program: Pediatric Track at Rocky Mountain University and will graduate with a DPT in 2014. For more info about Pam, click here.

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